How to Find the Perfect Wedding and Engagement Ring Set


A bridal set is an engagement ring and matching wedding band, traditionally worn by the bride. The set features two rings that usually match in color and style. They’re designed to fit well together when worn side-by-side. This twisted diamond eternity engagement ring and its matching band is a stunning example. 

By buying a bridal set, you won’t need to spend time trying to find a matching band for your engagement ring.



Outside the jewelry world, the term “wedding set” is often used to refer to any set that includes an engagement ring and one or more wedding rings.

In the world of jewelry, a bridal set is a set that consists of an engagement ring and a matching wedding band for the bride. With a bridal set, the groom needs to purchase his wedding band separately.

A wedding set consists of an engagement ring and matching wedding band for the bride, as well as a matching wedding band for the groom. Buying a wedding set means that all three rings are taken care of at once, helping you save money and time when you’re preparing to get married.  dapibus leo.


A bridal set includes an engagement ring and wedding band—while an engagement ring is a separate ring that you can later pair with a wedding band if you want. With a bridal set, you get two rings designed to match each other. As an example, here is a stand-alone engagement ring while here is a bridal set that includes a matching band. Both are beautiful options.

Not everyone buys a wedding band to put with their engagement ring. Some wear only an engagement ring, even after their wedding ceremony.


Buying an engagement ring, wedding bands and other marriage essentials can be a daunting task. Add in other things, such as planning the wedding and building your life together, and it’s easy to see how the simplicity of a bridal set can be appealing.


Compared to buying an engagement ring and wedding band separately, there are several key benefits to buying a bridal set.


First, buying a bridal set keeps things simple and convenient. Instead of having to shop for two different rings separately, you can save time and make sure everything matches by buying both of your partner’s rings at the same time.

Second, bridal sets look fantastic. A typical bridal set includes an engagement ring as well as a matching wedding band for the bride, creating a unique, complementary set that looks incredible when worn on the same finger.

Third, there are countless options available. Modern bridal sets are available with a wide range of different settings, precious metals and designs, letting you choose the perfect set based on your partner’s skin tone, tastes and expectations.

Fourth, bridal sets can offer great value for money. Because you’re buying two rings at the same time (or more, in the case of a wedding set), you can usually save money when buying a bridal set compared to purchasing an engagement ring and wedding band separately.


Before your wedding, you wear the engagement ring by itself. After the wedding, you wear both rings on the same finger (your left-hand right finger) with the wedding band closest to your heart. That means the wedding band is on the bottom, closest to your palm.

The engagement ring in the bridal set typically is more intricate and features a large gemstone or diamond. For instance, the engagement ring in this set features a center diamond and the wedding band is a matching pavé ring.


From vintage styles to modern designs, there are bridal and wedding sets for every style. Opt for a pair you’ll be proud to wear for years to come. Below we offer inspiration for bridal sets in every precious metal type.

Yellow gold bridal sets

White gold bridal sets

Rose gold bridal sets

Platinum bridal sets


Choosing the right engagement and wedding ring set is a huge decision. While the jeweler you purchase your bridal set from will usually do their best to help you, it’s still possible to make one of several common mistakes when you’re shopping for wedding jewelry.

Luckily, these mistakes are usually easy to avoid with some basic research. Some of the most common bridal set purchasing mistakes include:

Choosing shapes that don’t match. It’s important to match the shape of the engagement ring to the shape of the wedding band to avoid choosing a set that has an awkward fit. For optimal comfort, make sure the engagement and wedding rings you choose have shapes that match or complement each other. Look out for rings that rub against each other, as friction can damage gemstones and many metals over time.

Choosing incompatible metals. Not all metals are equally durable, meaning a wedding ring that’s made from a hard metal such as platinum could damage an engagement ring that’s made from white gold over the long term. It’s almost always best to pick engagement and wedding rings that use the same type of metal, as these are least likely to damage each other through regular wear. If you’re not sure about the best metals for bridal sets, ask your jeweler for their recommendations.

Choosing disproportionate rings. There’s more to choosing matching rings than just picking the same metal and gemstones. It’s also important to pay attention to the size, weight, and balance of the two rings, especially when they’re worn on the same finger. When you’re choosing a bridal set, make sure you keep things in proportion. If you’ve selected an engagement ring with a small gemstone, for example, it’s best to opt for a relatively thin wedding band to avoid making it look smaller once it’s worn.


Like always, most of these mistakes can be avoided by asking your jeweler for their advice and recommendations. They’ll be able to help you choose a bridal set that looks great and matches your budget.


All in all, choosing a bridal or wedding set can help you save time, spend less and avoid several common headaches while you shop for engagement and wedding jewelry, all while getting rings that are the perfect match for each other.


Need help getting started? Reach out to our experts and we’ll help you find the perfect bridal or wedding set for your engagement. 


It’s important to have quality information before making a special purchase like a wedding set. Here are answers to the most popular questions about bridal sets. 


Why do bridal sets have 3 rings?

Bridal sets only have two rings (an engagement ring and matching wedding band), but wedding sets have three rings: an engagement ring, a matching band, and a wedding band for him. A wedding set ensures that all three rings for both the bride and groom complement each other. 

If a jeweler doesn’t offer wedding sets, ask them if they can put together three matching rings for you based on your style preferences.  and wedding band for him. The classic designs in white gold make it a stunning set.

Do bridal sets come apart?

Most bridal sets come apart, so you can clean and polish each ring. The two separate rings also allow you to wear the engagement ring by itself if you want, such as before the wedding ceremony.

Some bridal sets may be soldered together, or a jeweler can solder them together later if you want. By having them permanently joined, the rings won’t move around or rub against each other as much.

Do you propose with the bridal set?

Most people propose with just the engagement ring and give the marching band at the wedding ceremony. It’s customary to only wear an engagement ring until the marriage is official, then you can pair the two rings together.  

How you propose is your personal preference, though. You can propose with both rings—letting your fiancé know you have a matching set.

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